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Backyard Paradise 

August 28th, 2016 @ 6:31 pm

Where is your happy place? 

We have talked about getting a pool for a while.  The family that lived here before us obviously had an above ground pool. When we moved in, there was an area in the backyard already flattened and in a circular shape.  I love to be outdoors, and it’s so nice to have a place to cool off, tan, exercise, and just recharge.  In July, when stores needed to get the school merchandise out, Hubs found this aboveground baby in the summer clearance. 

I’ll admit, I thought it would be a distraction. Some mornings are harder than others when it comes time to leave for work and the sun is out.  Overall, it has worked out beautifully!  Sometimes I can even come home at lunch for a quick dip.  It gets some shade in the afternoon to keep the water cool, and it’s super relaxing after a day of running around.   Today I have enjoyed floating in the sun while scheduling appointments, writing to-do lists, making important calls, replying to emails, and more.  

I only wish we had gotten it sooner! We are hoping it’ll stay warm enough to use it for at least a few more weeks.   :-) 

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