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Sunflower Power

November 29th, 2016 @ 11:53 pm

Last spring I experimented with a raised garden bed for the first time. Most of the things I planted needed more space or got eaten by bugs. However, my pride and joy was this sunflower! I also had a few more that got about knee high before birds chewed them up, but this single flower grew so tall and mighty! I am pretty short (only 5’2), but this one particular sunflower TOWERED over me. Call me crazy, but I looked forward to getting home from work every day and visiting it.. mostly to see how much it grew that day!


Eventually, I had to tie it to a post so that it would stand upright because the flower itself was so heavy. At the end of the season, I let the flower sit out in a place it could dry out, and later took all of the seeds out. There were hundreds! Not as big as the kind I love to eat, but I have used several of them to plant in the yard this year, and I used a great bit of them in the bird feeder.

More like sun tower! ;)

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